Do What You Know, Know What You Do

Any shop can promote themselves in several ways: in person, through media, their customers, etc.,” McKenzie says. “However, if we’re not performing quality work from start to ­finish, we cannot attract or retain customers.”

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Our World

In 1995, acting on a whim, Robert answered a classified ad for a detailer at a local car dealership. He had always liked cars and figured the job would be fun. To his surprise, Robert found detailing more difficult than he imagined, but that only motivated him to work harder.

Our Work

“It was my dream, as a teenager, to be able to go back to Loesch’s as the owner since it was the nicest shop in town,” says Willie. Top Shop Automotive today services the finest of cars and most detailed services and have become a force to reckon with.

Our Success Mantra - ­“Honest and Dependable”

“Together, Willie, Pat and Mark have created a great working environment,” says Tess McKenzie, Top Shop’s new Administrative and Marketing ­Advisor. “We encourage and sponsor training, and we hire only upbeat, cheerful and amazing people. We then give them the tools and structure they need to succeed.”


Car Care is hoping to become country wide service by 2021. It is evaluating opportunities in Southeast Asia and plans to expand to Malaysia and Vietnam by 2020. The startup is also working on pilots to get into vehicle insurance, road-side assistance, and auto-parts and accessories sectors.

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